What our clients are saying......

"I stuck with it and it's been the best decision I've made for myself. I'm truly grateful for every family member I've made at 116!!"


"You people have changed my life more than I could have ever imagined when I walked through your doors over a year ago. Best bday gift I have ever given myself. You are truly amazing and I love you!"


"Find what exercise works for you and do it!! Because of you an Codi and all the other 116ers, I am a changed person!"


"Coming to 116 was the best choice I have ever made in my life! I love how my family saw the results I was experiencing and got motivated. The past 7 months I have gotten so much stronger and I have you and Codi to thank for that. You helped me realize how truly strong I am and I couldn't imagine my life with out it!"


What is 116 Fit?

116 Fit is the best bootcamp/group class in the North Fort Worth/Haslet/Keller and surrounding areas.  It is a 6 week bootcamp style challenge designed for people looking to


O Yea and have FUN while doing it! Don’t worry when we say bootcamp we don’t mean literal “Bootcamp” We aren’t drill sergeants we are professional coaches who love and care about all of our clients and want to see them succeed!  We use body weight movements, dumbbells, Kettlebells, rowers to create awesome fun challenging workouts guaranteed to make you sweat and come back for more!

Our mission for 116 Fit is to provide expert coaching in technique and nutrition leading to people making the necessary lifestyle changes required for a complete LIFESTYLE CHANGE! It’s not just about a workout.  If you let it 116 Fit will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

“Invicta” or undefeated. We believe in helping people become victorious in life. To do that we hope to provide a place of many victories and accomplishments. We see people achieving levels of fitness they never thought possible. We see parents with energy to play with their children again. Our Coaches at 116 Fit are dedicated to providing people with the coaching, training, and mentoring necessary to be “Undefeated” in life not only in their workout. We envision the things that happen within our walls as a launching pad for everyone involved to improve their standard of living period. Can’t wait to meet you and for you to join our family of people who choose to become undefeated by seeking out higher levels of human fitness together.

Guaranteed to get you results or your money back!!!


Burn Fat


Increase Energy


Build Confidence that inspires others


Who is 116 Fit for?

116 Fit is for people looking to take their health and fitness to a new level.  This includes beginners, people who are frustrated with a lack of success, people who have found some success but may have plateaued.  116 Fit is designed to allow people to bust through their barriers and achieve the goals they have been desiring!

Why 116 Fit?

116 Fit is about providing you with the tools, mental attitude, and know how to make the necessary lifestyle changes required to achieve true health and fitness.  We address every area of your life not just the workout.  You can expect a happier, more energetic, healthier you at end of 6 weeks!

Should I bring someone with me

Absolutely, we encourage people to find a buddy or 2 that will commit with them making it a little easier to show up your first time or to continue to show up!

How does this work?

We empower you to make the necessary life decision to find success.  We won’t baby sit you but we will encourage you and teach you how to fine tune your program to fit your desired goals.  We hope that after the 6 weeks you find yourself empowered to begin your own fitness journey

I’ve done other Bootcamp/challenges/workout programs. What makes 116 Fit different?

We hear this a lot from our existing clients and after just a few short weeks they are telling us “It’s just different” They can feel it in their attitude, see it in their results, and are HOOKED!

How do I get started?

Fill out our get started form and one of our coaches will get in contact with you and get you set up

What’s the difference between 116 Fit and CrossFit?

We are a CrossFit gym that provides many different programs.  The main difference between our CrossFit program and our bootcamp style 116 Fit is we will rarely ever use a barbell in 116 Fit we stick to mainly body weight movements, sprinkling in dumbbells and kettlebells with some running rowing and stretching.  The workouts are programmed differently and designed to target fat loss!

Things to expect:

  • Burn Fat

  • Tone up

  • Increase energy

  • Weekly nutrition coaching

  • Goal Setting

  • Professional Coaching

  • Measurable Results

  • Inspiring others

  • Compliments from people at work

  • Clothes begin to fit that you haven’t fit in, in years!

Expert Coaching and Advice on:

  • Hydration

  • Stretching

  • Endurance training

  • Strength training

  • Positive Mental Attitude

  • Sleep and supplementation

  • Nutrition-What food’s to eat and which one’s to avoid for specific goals


Orientation Day: Saturday February 27th 11:30-2:30 We will take measurements, Before photos, baseline workouts, and basis nutrition  lecture and get you properly prepared for the next 6 weeks!
First day of Class: Monday Feb 29th @4:15pm
  • Classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

What you get:

  • 18 in class workouts
  • 30 at home workouts to perform
  • Rapid Fat loss program
  • Personalized Nutrition and supplementation plan
  • Online Nutrition journal logging and feedback
  • Online community forum

Get Started Now

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